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Patient and Nurse


Initial Request for Services
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Your inquiry about our services is the first step in ensuring your family receives the quality care and in-home support needed to care for your loved one. Our initial call will consist of a series of questions to assess your basic needs. We will then schedule a FREE in-home visit with one of our nurses to discuss your specific needs. The assessment will be an opportunity for the family – including the caretaker, if applicable, and client – to provide information about the type of care needed and determine how we
can help.

Care Plan
Healthcare Worker with Patient

Balanced Care creates customized care plans for all clients receiving any care/services that meet their specific needs. The care plan will outline, at minimum, functional status/limitations of the client, the services required, the expected times and frequency of service delivery, duration of services, statements of goals and objectives of services, and discharge plans. A follow-up meeting will be held with the family to discuss the care plan in detail and make any changes, as needed to ensure accuracy and appropriateness.
*Care plans will be reviewed and updated by Balance Care’s nurse as frequently as the patient’s condition warrants.

Caregiver Matching
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Upon approval of the care plan, we will begin the process of finding a caregiver to provide care to your loved one. Rather than simply assigning caregivers based on availability, we have a system in place to ensure the caregiver, client, and family match is the best fit for a lasting relationship. Our criteria includes services needed, time required, interests/hobbies, and personalities. If there are any
issues/concerns with a caregiver, we will rematch to a more appropriate caregiver.

Supervision of Care
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We are committed to the ongoing, quality care of your loved ones. As such, our caregivers are required to keep extensive notes regarding the care provided during each visit. These notes are housed in a binder in your residence and available for review at any time. Additionally, a supervisory nurse will conduct regular visits - announced or unannounced - to ensure caregivers are following the care plans. We also encourage our clients and their families to contact our office immediately when concerns arise regarding the quality of care received.

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